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Welcome to Monkey Blossom, where we make kids’ videos featuring educational play, coloring, toys, crafts and fun! This website is for parents and guardians who are looking for safe and kid-friendly YouTube content to share with their children. If you are looking for a way to keep your child occupied for 5-10 minutes while you clean, shower, poop, check Facebook, whatever, Monkey Blossom is a great resource.

In addition to creating fun video content that kids want to watch, we try to incorporate lessons about empathy and kindness in our Miss Blossom’s Class series of videos… coming soon!

In our videos for children, we unbox loads of toys, including My Little Pony, Trolls, Lego and Duplo, Disney Princesses, DC Super Hero Girls and DC Superheroes. Our videos are prefect for preschool-aged and elementary-aged children and include activities like coloring tutorials, activity book reviews, Crayola brand markers, crayons and pencils, and as many fun crafts as we can squeeze in.

Parents don’t need to feel guilty about letting their children watch our videos because they know they are safe, educational, kid-friendly, and fun!

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