Poppy and Branch have never looked so… green!

We have another fun Color by Number Challenge today using Trolls Coloring Pages and featuring Poppy and Branch from Trolls the movie.

In this video we are using Crayola super tip markers and Crayola metallic markers to color Trolls Coloring Pages of Poppy and Branch from the Dreamworks movie Trolls (2016). First, we assign numbers to the coloring page, as in a Color by Number coloring page. Then, we close our eyes and select markers. Each marker is assigned a number and the picture is colored in using the new, random color assignments. It’s a crazy color by number surprise!

You can try this game at home with your kids. It’s a fun way to work on counting, writing numbers, naming coloring, and simply coloring! One word of caution… select a coloring page with nice big spaces and not too much detail, so your younger coloring enthusiasts don’t have a hard time.

Hope you enjoy this video! Let me know what you’d like us to color next!

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