Gotham needs a hero. So Lego has sent them Batman… but they also sent Catwoman, so we’re in for some fun.

It’s Batman vs. Catwoman in today’s video! We are playing with the Lego DC Mighty Micros Batman vs Catwoman play set. Batman and Catwoman battle over Gotham’s largest gem, and Batman saves a Lego Mini Blind Bag in an exciting rescue! But no one could predict who Batman would uncover when he opened the blind bag. Who could it be?

Moms, Dads and Caregivers, these playsets have been around a while, and the Micro Minis are retired, but you can still buy them on Amazon.

About this video:
We are playing with the LEGO 76061 DC Comics Super Heroes Mighty Micros: Batman vs. Catwoman playlet. This Lego set includes 2 minifigures with mini legs: Batman with his Batarang and Catwoman and her stolen carton of milk and diamond-style translucent element. We are also opening a LEGO Minifigures Series 16 Blind Bag 71013. This figurine turns out to be the Cute Little Devil Halloween figure.