Today I colored Belle and the Beast from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast using Crayola Colored Pencils. This tutorial is for older kids who have advanced coloring skills. Keep watching for some tips on layering color to create depth.

I was pretty excited about the way this one turned out. The video itself is a bit goofy — I’m still learning where to best position the camera so my hands won’t be in the way. Here’s a hint: If you’re right handed, put the camera on the left. (My duh moment of the year so far… don’t worry there are more to come!) 😉

I do like the way the colored pencils layered to give so much variation to the colors. The Beast, in particular, is generally brown, but when you layer different shades of brown, tan, yellow and dark (almost black) brown, you can achieve the effect they had in the animated movie. All-in-all, not a bad little video!

Keep watching, to see how I get better and overcome my duh moments. I know you want to.

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